(Demon Slayer)Tanjiro - Legacy Art Print

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Dominic Glover Limited Edition Art Print

Other than the original work, these are the most desirable pieces available. Dominic Glover’s Limited Edition Prints are made with museum quality satin and inks designed to last a lifetime, in-fact several lifetimes. To ensure that the final quality and color matches the original work, Dominic inspects and signs each print before they are allowed to ship to the collector. Rest assured that when you purchase a Dominic Glover Limited Edition, you are not only buying beautiful art, but an heirloom to take pride in.

Size (11 inches x 14 inches) | Printed on UV GLOSS Paper | Hand Signed Autographs By Dominic Glover

All high quality prints have been individually checked for perfect color reproduction and are hand-signed by the artist.

Product Details:

  • Print Size: 11" x 14"

  • Printed on 350# UV Gloss cover stock